About Us

Our story begins with a simple Paleo challenge…

The idea was to eliminate sugars and toxins from my body and eat “Paleo Approved” foods for the 40-day challenge

The first 8 days were the most difficult–headaches, lack of energy and motivation…but then something happened. On Day 9, I had more energy and felt like a teenager. I had none of the usual joint pain, and best of all, I ate as much as I wanted–as long as it was clean food. At the end of the 40 days, I was 22 pounds lighter, and bouncing off the walls. It was a Eureka experience. Reality set in and slowly some bad habits crept back in–largely because I didn’t have healthy, prepared food at my fingertips. I didn’t gain weight back because I was more conscious of my food choices, but I didn’t feel as good as I had when on the challenge. Fast forward another year–and another 40-Day challenge. Same results but I noticed something a bit different: I could tell how my body would react to certain foods. I was “tuned in.”

What I noticed after completing the second challenge is that “LIFE” can get in the way of healthy eating. Hectic schedules, work, travel, and just about everything else is fighting for your time and attention. I noticed it would be a lot easier to eat healthy if I could grab it from the fridge already prepared and ready to go. Hence the idea to create this company that could make that a reality. It is an “easy” concept to sell convenient, healthy food. Little did I know…!


Good News for YOU!

FitChef Texas is a healthy meal preparation company located in Pearland, Texas. We create exciting, new menus each week featuring hand-picked ingredients and dishes from around the world and prepare these in our local, commercial kitchen. Our Meals Support Fitness & Athletic Performance, Weight Loss, Blood Pressure & Inflammation Reduction and Promote proper Immune Function and Natural Energy.

Our Culinary Engineer is Doug, who has many years working in the restaurant and food industry. You name it, he has likely made it. Having him embrace the vision and go to work adapting recipes to very healthy food with GREAT taste was like a kid taking a trip to DisneyWorld. Week in and week out he creates exciting, new culinary delights and best of all, they are healthy and clean.

If you would like to lose weight, eliminate inflammation or joint pain, lower your blood pressure, reduce cholesterol, reduce or eliminate symptoms of diabetes, naturally fight or eliminate auto-immune disease- then check out what’s cookin’ in our kitchen.


Our Team of Culinary Experts


dougDoug Barron

Doug has spent over 25 years in the food manufacturing and food service industries. His love of food prep comes naturally. In the 1940s and 50s, his grandfather owned and operated his own grocery, grill, and meat market in Leming, TX. Doug and his wife, Lynn, have raised two daughters and have recently become grandparents for the first time. Doug loves to experiment and come up with new recipes and can’t wait to create a paleo meal for you!


mikeMike Grandjean

Mike Grandjean began CrossFitting with his two sons in 2011 and was immediately hooked. The challenge and competition make it a family affair. The idea of eating well became apparent when over the course of a 40-day personal paleo challenge, Mike lost 22 pounds and was bouncing off the wall with energy. This first-hand experience spawned the idea for pre-made, pre-packaged paleo meals as Mike found the main challenge to sticking to good nutritional habits was that it required more time in preparation, as well as planning to avoid non-paleo items. Partnering with Doug and Tom made FitChef Texas the solution.

But wait–there’s more!


In-House Dietitian

We’re honored to have Rebecca Reed, RD/RDN. Becca, as her family and friends call her, is a Registered Dietitian who has been in the nutrition field for more than seven years. Learn more about her and how can she can help you on your journey to health.


Local Artisan Pantry

We have partnered with local culinary artists to offer our FitChef clients a wider variety of ready-made, grab-and-go baked goods, condiments, nuts, beverages and more. These flavorful, healthy foods are from our “Local Artisan Pantry” and are available for pick-up only at the FitChef Texas kitchen. Learn more about each local artisan and shop their products here.