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Healthy food comes from healthy ingredients.

About Us

Do you want to start eating healthy food that’s delicious, but you only know how to make fried chicken and waffles?

Are you tired from a long day of work, wishing someone else could handle dinner, but you don’t want any more unhealthy, inflammatory fast food?

Are you stuck with the same ‘ole burger joint down the street for lunch because your office has no healthy meal options nearby?

Good News for YOU!

FitChef Texas is a healthy meal preparation company located in Pearland, Texas. We create exciting, new menus each week featuring hand-picked ingredients and dishes from around the world and prepare these in our local, commercial kitchen. Our meals support Fitness & Athletic Performance, Weight Loss, Blood Pressure & Inflammation Reduction and promote proper Immune Function and Natural Energy.

We prepare meals that are made with no high fructose corn syrup, GMO-free ingredients, and no hydrogenated oils. We only provide beef,chicken, and wild-caught seafood. FitChef Texas uses the Dirty Dozen List as a guide when it comes to selecting quality produce.

Our Culinary Engineer, Doug, has many years working in the restaurant and food industry. You name it, he’s made it. Having him embrace the vision to go to work adapting recipes for nutritional, healthy food with GREAT taste was like convincing a kid to take a trip to DisneyWorld. Week in and week out he creates exciting, new culinary delights and best of all, they are healthy and clean.

Chef Gary brings a deep well of nutritional knowledge to bring you the very best in healthy food options. Not only is our food delicious, but it is very healing for the bacteria living in your gut and the rest of your body too! If you would like to lose weight, eliminate inflammation or joint pain, lower your blood pressure, reduce cholesterol, reduce or eliminate symptoms of diabetes, naturally fight or eliminate auto-immune disease- then check out what’s cookin’ in our kitchen.

Our Team of Culinary Experts

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Chef Gary La Fave


Gary is a graduate of Eastern Illinois University. At a young age, Gary watched his Grandmother Jo, who was 100% Sicilian, cook Italian specialties when she visited. Hence, an interest was sparked in food preparation. Grandma Jo cooked for a family-owned restaurant in Watertown, New York–you could say cooking is in his blood. Gary started cooking at a young age; in college, some 40 plus years ago, he prepared meals for roommates daily and fraternity brothers occasionally. Gary was introduced to healthier food when he managed a family-owned health food store. The importance of natural, healthy food was then recognized. As a personal chef, Chef Gary started serving seniors and prepared healthy meals for individual families for many years before expanding his business to serve the larger population.

FitChef Texas