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That’s right! You can add Catering to the list of healthy and delicious things FitChef Texas can do! While our style isn’t “full-service” with a wait staff or place settings, we provide Drop-Off or Pick-Up Service. And if you’re extra nice (and pay a little more,) we can have our Chefs serve your guests in a Buffet-Style Setting. So, if you’re hosting a small gathering, an office-luncheon, a party or large gathering, we are glad to help.



Catering prices vary based on the items and the number of people included in service.


Information Needed:

When placing your catering order, here is some important information to have handy:

  • Approx. Number of Guests
  • Location of Event
  • Time of the Event
  • Some ideas on what you might like to serve. (But of course, our Chefs can help you create and design a menu as well!)


Menu Options:
Rockin' B's Smokehouse Catering


Catering Inquiries:

To discuss our catering services, please call us at (832) 288-3800, send us an email, or complete the form on the side of this page.

*The inquiry form is not a confirmation or contract of catering services. Upon submission, someone will contact you to discuss and confirm catering services.

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