Rocking B Smokehouse

Rocking B Smokehouse

Catering the best Texas BBQ and Smoked Meats


Your next event is sure to be a Texas hit with Rocking B Smokehouse

Our original smokehouse creations are available for your next catering event and in our online store. To discuss our catering services, please call us at (832) 288-3800, send us an email, or complete the form on the side of this page.




How It All Began

In 1942, Carroll Barron opened Barron’s Grocery and Butcher Shop near San Antonio. While they stocked groceries, it was the homemade meats and spices they offered that drew patrons from all over. Carroll’s grandson (and now FitChef Culinary Expert) Doug spent time behind the counter at the shop and acquired a passion and love for barbecuing and smoking meats at a young age. Carrying on his grandparents desire and ability to create fine sausage and barbecue, Doug later spent time with Kiolbassa Provision Company making famous sausage after graduating from Texas A&M in 1979.

Taking him from Texas to Kansas City–and back–Doug honors his grandfather and Barron’s Grocery and Butcher Shop with Rocking B Smokehouse. Doug has spent his entire life in the food industry and his food creations mix some of the old-fashioned recipes with delicacies of his own. Doug can make your mouth water for more!


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